My Story – Battle for Profitability

Hi, my name is Neil Ouellette and this is my blog…

I started this blog January of 2023 to document the process involved in starting an online business, focusing on affiliate marketing. I plan to blog about each phase as I come across it and then document the good and the bad. My challenge page will cover my week-by-week progress with metrics (traffic, rank, conversion rates, cashflow, and more…). As the weeks go by you will see multiple articles being published in all the key areas of running a blogging business and my goal is to generate 100k in 52 weeks.

How to achieve this?

It’s a numbers game and in order to get conversions I’ll need traffic. I plan on doing this challenge without spending any money on advertising. Organic traffic is what I’m looking for…so ranking high on Google’s search engine will be absolutely necessary. The plan is to create quality content and reach out to other respected sites and try to build relationships and ultimately see what comes of it.

Updated May 31, 2023 by Neil Ouellette

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